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Copper thieves cut off Rome airport rail link

Workers race to reconnect vital transport artery

19 November, 11:33
Copper thieves cut off Rome airport rail link (ANSA) - Rome, November 19 - Copper thieves wreaked havoc on Rome's railways Monday, shutting down the line that links the Fiumicino international airport with the capital. According to the national railway operator RFI, the theft took place along tracks between the Roma Ostiense and Ponte Galeria stops. Shuttle buses were substituting trains as workers raced to get the vital transport artery running again.

Delays were also reported on the Civitavecchia-Rome line. Transportation and utility authorities have reported a number of copper thefts as of late. In an unrelated incident Monday, a man in Bari was electrocuted to death in what police suspect was an attempt to steal copper attached to electrical power lines.