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Four arrests as Italian neo-Nazi Web site shut down

Stormfront branches raided in north-east, other parts

16 November, 10:38
Four arrests as Italian neo-Nazi Web site shut down (ANSA) - Rome, November 16 - Italian police on Friday arrested four people after shutting down the Italian Web site of neo-Nazi group Stormfront.

The four are accused of inciting racial and ethnic hatred on the site, which has regularly posted anti-Semitic and white supremacist propaganda.

The arrests were made in Milan, Frosinone and Pescara while 17 searches were carried out across the country, most in the north-east. 'Nazi-Fascist' propaganda and weapons were found. Last December Rome prosecutors launched a probe into Stormfront's blacklisting of religious figures, politicians, journalists and judges.

The Italia branch of Stormfront is part of an international body founded by former head of the Ku Klux Klan, Don Black.

The blacklist included: Turin Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia; Riccardo Pacifici, the President of the Jewish Community in Rome; Adel Smith, the President of the Muslim Union of Italy; and journalists Gad Lerner and Maurizio Costanzo.

According to media reports, those on the list were targeted because of their support for immigrants.

Stormfront also targeted Italo-Ghanaian soccer striker Mario Balotelli after he revealed on a visit to Auschwitz that one of his adoptive parents was Jewish.