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Berlusconi says 70% of Italians are disgusted with politics

'Courage to change is required', says former premier Berlusconi

16 November, 15:59
Berlusconi says 70% of Italians are disgusted with politics (ANSA) – Carnago (Verese), November 16 – More than two-thirds of Italians are "disgusted" by the nation's politics, said former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in an interview on Friday. "The Sicilian elections confirmed that which all the polls were reporting: 70% of Italians are disgusted by these politics, by these parties, and by the current protagonists," Berlusconi said. "Courage to change is required, let's see what can be done between now and the elections".

Italians are set to cast their ballots in general elections next year at a time that the eurozone's third-largest economy has contracted for a fifth consecutive quarter, according to data released by Italian national statistics office Thursday. In the Sicilian regional election last month, only 47% of the electorate went to vote, compared to just under 60% in 2008.

Berlusconi stepped down last November as the nation he was running risked falling into a spiralling debt crisis in the wake of a similar one in Greece, and as economic growth slumped. He was replaced by Mario Monti, who is currently serving as prime minister.