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Archaeologists say Celtic relic found in Alps is a war horn

Discovery made 60 years ago, but only now is use understood

14 November, 17:55
Archaeologists say Celtic relic found in Alps is a war horn (ANSA) – Trento, November 14 – Archaeologists in Trento announced Wednesday that an ancient Celtic artifact found some 60 years ago in this alpine region is, in fact, a Celtic war horn.

The horn was found in the Val di Non valley, an area more known for apples than for ancient artifacts.

While it was understood to be of Celtic origin, the use of the instrument - made of what appeared to be tubes and a bronze “leaf” - remained a mystery.

However, recently, archaeologists in Tintignac, France, uncovered a similar relic whose much better state allowed them to understand that it was, in fact, a horn.

According to archaeologists, the horns, called karnykes, were part of a psychological warfare technique: when accompanied by the cries of attacking Celtic warriors and the rumbling sounds of their war carts, they helped instill a sense of fear and doom in their adversaries.

Other similar instruments have been found in France, Switzerland, Germany and Romania.

The antique instrument was recently presented during Genoa’s Science Festival and will be on display November 17 at an event in Verona.