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Immigrants' kids to get local citizenship in Italian town

'Children born in Crotone are children of this city' says mayor

12 November, 15:16
Immigrants' kids to get local citizenship in Italian town (ANSA) - Crotone, November 12 - The southern Italian city of Crotone will grant symbolic citizenship to children born to immigrant parents next week, the mayor announced Monday. "We're bringing down a cultural barrier," said Peppino Vallone. Current law dictates that only the children of Italian citizens can automatically become citizens themselves, while those born on Italian soil to non-Italian parents become eligible on their 18th birthday. A famous example is Mario Balotelli, one of Italy's biggest soccer stars and a forward on the national team, who was born in Italy to parents from Ghana.

The president of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, has called the current system "pure folly" and a bill to change the law was submitted to the House this summer. Granting local citizenship in Crotone is scheduled for November 20. "Children born in Crotone, even if their parents are foreign, are children of this city," said the mayor.