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EU fund gives Italy 18 million euros for flood response

Italy asked for 'solidarity' funding after October 2011 flooding

12 November, 20:14
EU fund gives Italy 18 million euros for flood response (ANSA) - Rome, November 12 - The European Commission on Monday agreed to give 18 million euros from solidarity funds for flood damage suffered a year ago in central Italy. The announcement followed a request by the Italian government for funding to pay for the emergency response to deadly flooding in Liguria and Tuscany on October 25 and October 26, 2011.

The money is to be used to pay for the restoration of electrical, water, and sewer equipment and infrastructure, as well as road repair and cleaning in damaged areas.

The area is once again at risk of further damage amid heavy flooding.

Severe storms lashed central and northern Italy over the weekend and into Monday, creating floods, damage and evacuations, especially in Tuscany and Italy's northeast regions.

In Tuscany, where one man was killed by floods, the provinces of Grosseto, Siena, and Arezzo remained on a high state of alert after 200 mm of rain fell on the weekend.

An additional 80 mm of rain was expected Monday.