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'Over-educated' Italians winding up in low-qualified jobs

College grads resorting to openings with 'little or no training'

09 November, 16:29
'Over-educated' Italians winding up in low-qualified jobs (ANSA) - Rome, November 9 - A high number of Italian graduates tend to wind up in jobs that require no training or have nothing to do with their field of study, the Bank of Italy said Friday. In a report from the Italian central bank, 25% of college grads working between 2009 and 2011 were in a field that required "little or no qualifications". In Germany, the number is 18%. It also found that 32.3% were working in fields that were completely different from their college majors. The data stands out in contrast to remarks last month by Labor Minister Elsa Fornero, who told young Italians looking for work "not to be too 'choosy'," using the English word. In the same three-year period, the employment rate for graduates aged 25 to 34 was 75.1%. Graduates in the industrial north had an 84.7% employment rate, while the rate was 58.6% in the south. Nearly a quarter of those graduates had a job with little or no qualifications. Engineering and architecture students were the most likely to find work in their sector, while those who studied humanities and the social sciences were the least likely.