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Rome millionaires nabbed living in subsidized housing

Police sweep uncovers thousands of welfare cheats

08 November, 16:10
Rome millionaires nabbed living in subsidized housing (ANSA) - Rome, November 8 - Police nabbed a Rome family Thursday for falsely claiming poverty in order to live in a subsized home while earning millions annually. In 2009 alone, police said the suspects earned six million euros, invested in property, bought pleasure boats and played the stock market. In a dragnet, police said they uncovered over 12,000 families in Rome whose income did not correspond with what they declared to qualify for state housing. In 24 cases, earnings were 40,000 to 100,000 euros above the threshold, and some families were paying as little as 7.75 euros per month on rent. In one instance, a realtor who purchased a motor boat was caught living in a rent-subsidized home for 281 euros per month.

Others claimed to have zero income while owning things such as stores and real estate.