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Cargo workers clash with police at IKEA during protest

'Scabs' cross picket lines, 12 in hospital

02 November, 16:43
Cargo workers clash with police at IKEA during protest (ANSA) - Piacenza, November 2 - Protesters clashed with police at an IKEA warehouse in Piacenza Friday over a contract dispute with cargo workers. A scuffle broke out at the gates to the warehouse after demonstrators tried to prevent other employees from crossing the picket line and entering the premises.

At least 12 people were taken to hospital with injuries. The cargo workers, represented by the Cobas trade union, are not employed by the Swedish furniture giant directly but by a third-party service provider working on IKEA's behalf. The third party is expected to abide by strict contractual conditions set out by IKEA but the protesters say these are not being respected.

Piacenza Mayor Paolo Dosi, the city counsellor responsible for labour, Luigi Rabuffi, and the Egyptian consul to Italy are attempting to mediate in the dispute.

Many of the protesting porters are Egyptian nationals.