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Formigoni won't run, but 'won't retreat to private life'

Besieged Lombardy Governor to campaign for party allies

24 October, 18:54
Formigoni won't run, but 'won't retreat to private life'

(ANSA) - Milan, October 24 - Besieged Lombardy Governor Roberto Formigoni on Wednesday said he would not run for re-election but did not intend to retire to private life. "I do not plan to pull back to my private life soon, nor in the future," he said, adding he would campaign for party allies.

Formigoni dissolved his executive last week and called snap elections after it was hit by a string of corruption probes, including one in which he is suspected of wrongdoing related to health-sector contracts. He denies any wrongdoing.

It has not yet been established when the early regional elections will be held, while a caretaker government of non-political technocrats will govern in the meantime.