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Fornero tells Italian students not to be 'choosey' with jobs

Labor minister backpedals, points to youth in precarious jobs

22 October, 20:22
Fornero tells Italian students not to be 'choosey' with jobs (ANSA) - Milan, October 22 - Italian Labour Minister Elsa Fornero on Monday told students "not to be overly choosey" when looking for work in the current environment, because "one can not expect to find the ideal position".

Fornero, who was addressing a conference at the Assolombardo business association in Milan, later added, "Young Italians today are willing to take any much so that they are in marginal (working) conditions". Fornero narrowly dodged a gaffe similar to that made by the late, former finance minister Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, who in 2007 called masses of Italian young adults living with their parents "bambiccioni", or "big kiddies". Italy suffers from high youth unemployment.

Working conditions for young people who do find jobs often do not pay well enough to provide an independent life, thus many live with and heavily depend on family.