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Naples pizza chefs furious over Gambero Rosso slight

Famous pizzerias not mentioned in revered food guide

10 October, 17:09
Naples pizza chefs furious over Gambero Rosso slight (ANSA) - Naples, October 10 - Accusations of "culinary racism" are being thrown faster than discs of pizza dough by chefs at some Naples pizzerias who say they were ignored by famed Italian foodie guide Gambero Rosso.

The latest edition of the guide book has omitted Neapolitan pizzerias from its list of the country's best eateries, igniting fury.

Francesco Borrelli, regional commissioner for the Green Party, suggested Naples was being treated badly because of its reputation as a rough town.

"The Gambero Rosso results are yet another instance of violence against our city and our traditions," said Borrelli. "This is an operation of culinary racism and political action to destroy Naples and the tourism attracted by its traditional tomato sauce".

The southern city's famed pizza makers say they have long struggled to obtain recognition for the work, despite the fact that pizza is well-known around the world.

They say they tried to woo the editors of Gambero Rosso, inviting them to come dine on Neapolitan pizza, but were ignored.