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Man hangs himself in playground

Suicides driven by economic crisis continue to rise

07 May, 14:02
Man hangs himself in playground (ANSA) - Vicenza, May 7 - A 52-year old real estate agent in the northern town of Vicenza who committed suicide on Monday was most likely driven by financial difficulties, reports said.

The 52-year-old owner of a housing agency hanged himself in a playground near a local elementary school and was spotted by parents accompanying their children to classes, who then alerted police.

Recession-hit Italy has been struck by a wave of economically related suicides in recent months. The region of Veneto, where Vicenza is located, has the highest nationwide number of small-business owners who have committed suicide, the association of artisans and small businessmen, CGIA, reported. Eures, an economic and social think tank, reported that unemployment is driving nearly one person every day to commit suicide in Italy, the majority of whom are men. On Friday, a gathering of over 100 widows marched in Bologna to honor the numerous deaths of Italians who have killed themselves out of despair from the country's economic crisis.