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Labor union calls for major protest May 10

Demonstration for youth and pensioners

19 April, 17:25
Labor union calls for major protest May 10 (ANSA) - Rome, April 19 - Italy's biggest trade union CGIL called on members to take to the streets on May 10 in support of retired workers left without a pension and the country's unemployed youth.

Last Friday thousands of labor demonstrators gathered in Rome near the central train station Termini to protest measures that unions say have left "hundreds of thousands" without pensions or benefits after they accepted severance packages ahead of retirement in order to help companies downsize. The unemployed workers, dubbed 'esodati' ('exiled'), are at the center of union protests following the new government's reforms that made them ineligible for pension payments since they are younger than the minimum retirement age.

Susanna Camusso, the head of CGIL, said that a "united, common platform" is needed for growth and to shake off the economic crisis. Camusso said that Premier Mario Monti's comments before the House on Wednesday comparing Italy to Greece were "serious" and that the government's platform of "equity, stringency and growth," was lacking in "equity" and had created limited growth.

Monti, who took the helm of a government of technocrats in November after Silvio Berlusconi resigned amid the euro crisis, has faced resistance to his plans to liberalize the economy and reform labor laws.