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Fuel costs in Italy hit all-time high

1.96 euros per liter at the pump

13 March, 10:24
Fuel costs in Italy hit all-time high (ANSA) - Rome, March 13 - Fuel prices in Italy hit an all-time high Tuesday, costing drivers as much as 1.96 euros per liter to fill up at the pump.

Diesel costs were also nearing the two-euro mark at 1.80 per liter. According to the Coldiretti farmers' union, the average cost of a full tank, 50 liters, has surpassed 91 euros, representing a 19% hike over a year ago, while households today are spending more on fuels for transport, home utilities and electricity than they are for food.

Consumers are now paying more for a liter of petrol than they are for a kilo of oranges, a kilo of pasta or a liter of fresh milk, the union added. The Italian economy is particularly sensitive to fuel costs since 88% of commercial transport is by road.

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