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Two charred bodies found in Naples car

Deaths may be linked to mafia turf war

09 January, 14:24
Two charred bodies found in Naples car (ANSA)- Naples, January 9 - Police have found two charred bodies in a burnt-out car in a northern suburb of Naples.

The bodies were discovered late Sunday in the car left near a cemetery in Melito but they have not yet been identified.

The car was stolen from the Afragola area of Naples in November and police believe the victims were killed elsewhere before their bodies were set alight.

Police fear the deaths may be linked to a turf war between rival Camorra mafia clans that began at the beginning of the year.

Investigators are looking at a possible link between the murders and the death of Rosario Tripicchio, who was killed on Thursday in Giugliano.

In a separate incident last week the body of a suspected affiliate of the bloody Casalesi clan of the Camorra was found hog-tied at the bottom of a lake north of Naples Pietro Moscato, 23, was reported missing on December 16.

Police said the grisly murder may have been "a message" sent between factions of the gang which is undergoing a power struggle after the arrest of fugitive boss Michele Zagaria a month ago.

The Casalesis' violent empire was exposed to the public by writer Roberto Saviano in his 2006 bestseller Gomorrah, later turned into a successful film.

Saviano has been living under 24-hour police protection because of death threats from bosses since the publication of the book.

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