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Colosseum looks at limiting tourists

Only 6,000 may be allowed at same time

05 January, 13:45
Colosseum looks at limiting tourists (ANSA) - Rome, January 5 - The Colosseum, one of Italy's top tourist attractions, may restrict the number of visitors allowed to enter the ancient Roman site at any one time.

The famous arena, which was constructed by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD, attracts more than five million tourists a year and can draw as many as 24,000 visitors a day during extended hours in the summer.

Under a proposal being considered, only 6,000 visitors would be allowed inside the Colosseum at the same time.

Florence's world-famous Uffizi Gallery has restricted the admission of patrons for several years and the museum says the system works well.

"The flow is regulated by the entrance turnstiles," said Antonio Natali, the gallery's director.

"Nine hundred people can be in the gallery at the same time.

If this number is exceeded, the entrances are blocked. It has really only happened a few times".

The Uffizi Gallery posted a new record last year attracting almost 1.8 million visitors. The previous record of 1.6 million visitors was set in 2006.

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