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Former Berlusconi minister dies in Bergamo

Tremaglia was MP for 40 years

30 December, 18:26
Former Berlusconi minister dies in Bergamo (ANSA) - Rome, December 30 - Long-serving MP and former minister Mirko Tremaglia died in the northern city of Bergamo at the age of 85 on Friday.

Tremaglia, who was minister for Italians abroad from 2001 to 2006, served in two governments of former premier Silvio Berlusconi.

A former Fascist, Tremaglia joined Benito Mussolini's Italian Social Republic when he was only 17 and during World War II he was captured by Allied Forces and held as a prisoner of war at Coltano near Pisa. Tremaglia was first elected to parliament in 1972 with the Italian Social Movement-National Right, a political party comprised of former Fascists. He later transferred to the National Alliance and finally Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party in 2008.

Tremaglia was responsible for fighting to extend the voting rights of Italians living abroad and drove constitutional changes which enabled them to vote in the 2006 elections.

He suffered from Parkinson's Disease for many years.

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