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Refugees occupy piazzas in Milan protest

'Govt has not kept its promises', says mayor

05 October, 18:42
Refugees occupy piazzas in Milan protest (ANSA) - Milan, October 5 - Refugees occupied piazzas and blocked buses in a southern suburb of Milan on Wednesday to protest against their living conditions.

Refugees housed at a residence in Pieve Emanuele, south of the city, are believed to have led the revolt.

Around 400 migrants have arrived at the Ripamonti residence in Pieve Emanuele from Libya since May and the mayor of the town Rocco Pinto threatened to resign if the refugees were not transferred to other centres in the local region of Lombardy by the end of June.

Ettore Fusco, mayor of the neighbouring town of Opera, said the protest was inevitable because the government had not kept its promises. "Our country has shown itself once again to be weak and inconclusive," Fusco said.

"Living in the area and knowing the reality in south Milan we had fully expected this revolt which is the product of abandonment and the lack of care that the central government has failed to give local authorities".

Dozens of people were injured in clashes between migrants and residents on the southern island of Lampedusa in September.

Tension erupted on the island when migrants set fire to the migrant reception centre on the island to protest against plans for their forced repatriation.

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