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Bus driver caught using two cellphones at wheel

Man filmed on Rome airport route

12 May, 16:27
Bus driver caught using two cellphones at wheel (ANSA) - Rome, May 12 - An Italian bus driver has been caught on film using two cellphones while steering his vehicle with his elbows.

A video of the driver taking his passengers to Rome's Ciampino Airport was posted on the website of Rome daily La Repubblica Wednesday.

Renata Polverini, the governor of the region around Rome, deplored the driver's "unacceptable and reckless" conduct.

"People who are responsible for the safety of others must not behave like that," she told reporters Thursday amid calls to have him sacked.

"I immediately asked Transport Councillor Francesco Lollobrigida to urge (regional bus company) Cotral to take action".

Using a cellphone while driving is against the law in Italy.