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Anti-war slogan found in Livorno parcel bomb

'Out of Afghanistan and Libya' say anarchists FAI

01 April, 12:00
Anti-war slogan found in Livorno parcel bomb (ANSA) - Florence, April 1 - An anarchist anti-war slogan has been found in the remains of a parcel bomb that blew up in the hands of a paratroop officer in Livorno Thursday, leaving him with serious eye injuries and three amputated fingers.

The message from the Informal Anarchists Federation (FAI) read "(We are) against Italian involvement in the missions in Afghanistan and Libya", judicial sources said Friday.

Lieutenant-Colonel Alessandro Albamonte, 41, of the crack Folgore parachute brigade, is in hospital in Florence where doctors said he was "comfortable" even though he would have to go into intensive care with "major" eye injuries and a mutilated right hand.

FAI were also responsible for two other parcel bombs Thursday: one that wounded two people at the Swiss nuclear energy federation and another that was defused at a Greek prison.

The anarchists, who have links with Greece and Spain, have waged several bombing campaigns over the last few years including parcel bombs sent to Swiss, Chilean and Greek embassies in Rome at Christmas.