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Risk of terror 'infitration' from Tunisia escapees

Released terrorists may pose as asylum seekers says Maroni

09 February, 13:45
Risk of terror 'infitration' from Tunisia escapees (ANSA) - Imperia, February 9 - There is a risk that escapees from Tunisia's jails after last month's ouster of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali may swell the ranks of terrorists coming to Europe as would-be political refugees, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said Wednesday.

"We are very worried about the flight of criminals from prisons in Tunisia because of the risk of terrorist infiltration among the Tunisians who want to come to Europe in the guise of political refugees," Maroni said on a visit to this northwestern Italian city, answering a question on Italo-French cooperation against organised crime.

He said Italy had "proof" of the phenomenon and had raised its guard on crossings from Tunisia.

Maroni also said the Italian government had been in touch with the new Tunisian authorities "to put together the best possible strategies" to weed out terrorists from bona fide asylum seekers.

photo: unrest in Tunis in mid-January