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Another Successful Start of the School Year at ISAE-SUPERO

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The diversity of the courses on offer at ISAE-SUPAERO oce again attracts a very high number of students. The number of students has increased 11% this year, mainly in engineering, masters and advanced masters programs.

The new apprenticeship-led engineering program is a success and currently counts 30 students. It is a first step into the aeronautics and spatial industry but not only as 36% of the students work in the fields of energy, car or rail transport.

A hike in students recruitment this year

The high quality and numbers of ISAE-SUPAERO student recruitment have been confirmed once again. The University is still the third largest MinesPont recruiter with 189 students joining this year.

39 ‘polytechniciens’ have also selected ISAE-SUPAERO, the highest number ever. An increase also in students studying a double diploma coming from foreign universities or partner French universities (Science Po Paris, HEC) with 6 new students starting the school year.

On the masters front, ISAE-SUPAERO has recruited 50% more students for its Aerospace Engineering Master with 129 students, 26% being young women. Half of these students are European and the other half from other parts of the world, in particular Asia.

International students enrolment has not been affected by the COVID-19 with an even higher number of applications, confirming ISAE-SUPAERO global attractivity. .

A new organisation enabled a successful start of the school year despite the challenging sanitary context

First year students physically attended the start of the school year to take part in a variety of activities aimed at discovering the campus and the surrounding area. Second and Third year students were invited to participate in a job interview boot camp.

Master and Advanced Master students joined a month later to accommodate for the arrival of foreign students in the context of the COVID-19. 10% of the students who could not get their visas in time were offered distance learning.

Focus on the new Advanced Masters program

“Advanced Master” is a label of specialization of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (France’s top-ranking Engineering Colleges). The rigorous accreditation procedure of the latter guarantees program quality. The aeronautical and space industry is looking for engineers and managers capable to manage complex and technical projects. 500 students applied, 90 were pre selected and 30 students have been selected in total.

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