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Axeltis, Fund Channel and MFEX on the Podium at the FPG Awards 2015 in Paris

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The second edition of the FPG Awards, the most important European award for best fund distribution platform, was held Thursday, January 21 in Paris. During an exceptional evening on the Seine and in the presence of 100 personalities from the sector, the Fund Platform Group (FPG) association presented seven different winners with the 11 trophies awarded this year.

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FGP Awards Ceremony 2015 - Paris 21 January 2016 (Photo: Jean-Pierre Ruelle)

FGP Awards Ceremony 2015 - Paris 21 January 2016 (Photo: Jean-Pierre Ruelle)

Launched in 2014, these awards were devised by FPG to motivate major industry players to constantly compete in improving the quality of their services. This meeting of key industry players was also an opportunity for the FPG to present its annual report on the distribution of funds.

The fund distribution platforms were judged on various criteria given in a questionnaire distributed to their major customers and counterparts (fund managers, institutional investors, transfer agents and fund distributors). Seven winners shared the 11 FPG prizes awarded. The biggest winner is the French group Axeltis with the highest number of mentions for excellence among the responses (21): judged "outstanding" by 11 fund managers and by 10 fund distributors. Fund Channel wins second place in the standings with 19 mentions of excellence. It was deemed "outstanding" by11 fund managers and "commended" by 8 fund distributors. Considered excellent by both distributors (6) and fund managers (7), the Swedish group MFEX got third place. Next came BNP Paribas Securities Services with 12 mentions of excellence, UBS Fund Center (10) Attrax (9) and Swiss Canto with 6 mentions.

Another highlight of the evening: the publication, exclusively to those attending, of the annual report of the FPG on the fund distribution sector. Developed in collaboration with SWIFT, the global leader in the secure exchange of financial information, the report was highly anticipated by those in the industry. Completed over a six-week period between September and October 2015, the study on which the report is based was conducted with 49 of the most influential people in European fund platforms and buyers and sellers of funds. It managed to get their views on the development, the constraints and the prospects for growth in the funds platform industry.

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