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The international success of Europe Books’ Chronos, the project dedicated to autobiographies

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“Every single word written in the books included in the Chronos series enshrines a fragment of its author’s life. Every story represents an individual narrative that becomes common heritage; hence sharing it with authors and readers is a great responsibility but also a wonderful adventure for us.” These are the words used to open Europe Books On-line Convention, organised to present the progress of the project dedicated to autobiographies.

Chronos’ editorial staff receive thousands of application forms a month, for an initiative that was first launched in Italy but that is now highly appreciated all over Europe. England, Spain, Germany and France are just a few of the Countries where the Project has already spread its wings.

“In times dominated by pictures, words are the only thing that lasts” is the intriguing slogan chosen to launch the Project, conceived for those who wish to write and publish a book based on the story of their own life. Redemption, love, struggle, and adventure are among the topics through which the authors convey values and morals. Page after page, private memories turn into collective memory, because the story of every Country goes by along with the apparently ordinary – but actually extraordinary - lives described in these books.

The editors at Chronos transform the oral account of the protagonists into professionally written - both in terms of style and contents - books. Guided by the editors, the authors recall their lives, from the childhood to the adulthood, lingering over the moments they think should be the crux of the narration. The role of the editors is to propose in-depth analyses and digressions, or to pose simple questions aimed at clarifying specific passages or highlighting particularly relevant parts of the story. The main goal is to preserve the authenticity of the narration, which makes every story unique.

Europe Books follows in the footsteps of an international group, founded in 2002 and made of eight publishing brands, a literary agency and a business dealing with film, radio and television production. This multifaceted context provides all the tools that are necessary for a more efficient development and circulation of the Works included in the Chronos project, which not only involves the publication, but also the distribution of the books through a wide network of bookstores. Moreover, every Work is promoted through the main national and international book fairs, radio and TV shows.

In conclusion, the books of the Chronos series are available in paperback and eBook via the main on-line stores (Amazon, Kobo, IBS, etc.)

PRESS RELEASE - Editorial responsibility Pagine Sì! SpA

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