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Rolex Daytona Paul Newman - Must haves of luxury watches

Highly sought after in Italy, England, Singapore and Japan

Watchmaker since 1965, Pasquale with the help of his son Raffaele are among the leading experts and repairers of vintage and modern luxury watches.

In buying a luxury watch, it is essential to rely on authoritative experts, such as Pasquale and Raffaele Russo, to assess and stimulate by far a good of such high value.

In his gallery in Naples, the Rolex daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6239-6241 - Added in 1961, the reference 6238 Referred to as "pre-Daytona" was the forerunner of the Cosmograph line and occupies an important place in the best luxury watches

Paul Newman certainly has the merit of having eaten the fame of the homonymous chronograph for wearing it, reciting to the most accredited voice, in his 1969 film, The Winning, in Italian Indianapolis, an infernal track.

Today the Rolex Named Paul Newman and the most sought-after watches by collectors around the world

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