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Romania: lack of IT specialists, doctors and nurses

Adecco study, surplus among other categories

21 June, 13:55
(ANSA) - BELGRADE - The labour market in Romania is registering a deficit of several professional categories, including IT specialists, doctors, nurses, managers in the service and financial sector, according to an Adecco report, the news portal Romania Insider reported.

The study indicated a surplus of people specialized as client relation employees, trade sector managers, street sales people, agriculture and real estate workers.

The Adecco study "shows that the things we learn in school become irrelevant due to the rapid changes brought by the fourth Industrial Revolution", said Florin Godea, Country Manager Adecco Romania, quoted by Romania Insider.

"In Romania, we will soon need re-specializing not once in 20 years, like it has been the case so far, but once every five years," Godea added. (ANSA).

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