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Croatia: scientist Tesla on future euro coins

Serbian pro-government tabloids slam Zagreb's announcements

22 July, 18:33
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUL 22 - Croatia might feature the inventor Nikola Tesla on future Croatian euro coins, once the country joins the eurozone. The move that could provoke tensions with Serbia, where Tesla is considered one of the most important figures in its national history.

The Croatian coat-of-arms, a map of Croatia, the marten, the Glagolitic script and the image of Nikola Tesla are the motifs proposed for the Croatian side of euro coins, the Croatian central bank (HNB) announced on Wednesday, the regional television N1 informed. Around 50,000 citizens responded to the call of the HNB to take part in the selection of the future Croatian euro coin, with more than 2,500 nominating Tesla, N1 said.

A final decision on the symbols to be placed on the coins will be carried out by the National Council for the introduction of the euro. Croatia expects to enter the eurozone by 2023.

Meanwhile, pro-government tabloids in Serbia slammed the announcement on Tesla, considered in the country as a national hero, talking about a scandal. (ANSA).

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