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Bulgaria: campaign for the early election begins

Vote on July 11, after the deadlock over a new government

11 June, 14:51
(ANSA) - SOFIA, JUN 11 - In Bulgaria, the electoral campaign for the early election scheduled for July 11 began today. About 23 parties and coalitions are running for the 46th legislature and compete for 240 seats in the unicameral Sofia parliament.

Accessible if you go over a 4% threshold.

There are approximately 6.7 m voters out of a population of just over 7 m inhabitants. Citizens in isolation due to Covid-19 will be able to vote through mobile polling stations. Local authorities have ruled the access to polling stations according to the anti-Covid regulations: hand sanitizing gel, face masks, separate paths. For the first time in the nearly 12,000 polling stations, voting will be compulsory with 'voting machines.' The regular elections took place on April 4, but due to the impossibility of forming a new government, it was inevitable to return to the polls earlier, with the country currently being led by an interim cabinet.

According to the latest polls, the turnout could be 50-55%. The conservative Gerb party of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, which until April 4 had been in power for almost ten years, seems to be in the lead. However, the Gerb, in coalition with the right-wing Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) party, would have little chance of winning enough votes to obtain a majority in parliament. And it is unlikely that it would form a government coalition with other parties in parliament. In the second place, the polls place the newly formed party 'There is a people like this' led by the TV showman Slavi Trifonov, followed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (Bsp), Gerb's traditional rival. The Bulgarian parliament has a 4-year term. (ANSA).

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