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EU: Hungary, veto by those who created conditions

Budapest,Warsaw are insisting on "keeping to original agreement"

27 November, 11:32

(ANSA) - BELGRADE, 26 NOV - "The veto of the European Union budget and recovery fund was not caused by Hungary but by those who created the conditions leading to it," the official Hungarian government portal About Hungary reads. "Hungary and Poland are once again the black sheep of the European Union because we insist on keeping to the original agreement on the EU budget and recovery fund, delivered by the European Council this past July", the Hungarian government said. "After Hungary and Poland consistently stood up for their nations' interests, mainstream liberal media turned against them (again), George Soros is trying to force his plan on member states to flood Europe with migrants (again), and the EU is using political retribution against member states who are not willing to submit to the concept of federalization at the expense of member state sovereignty." (ANSA).

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