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Bosnia, 2% of population emigrated in two years

80,000 persons since July 2013

29 April, 20:03

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - Over 80,000 persons expatriated from Bosnia and Herzegovina over the last two years searching for a better life abroad, portal reported quoting the data gathered by the Union for sustainable repatriation and integration in BiH (Unija za odrzivi povratak i integraciju u BiH). For a population of 3,8 million, these numbers represent more than a 2% of the total population.

The Organisation gathered information relative to the period from July 2013 to the beginning of 2016 in the framework of a project dedicated to the life of families returning to Bosnia after of a period of life spent abroad. "We found a situation different from what we had expected, realising that it is no longer a question of integration of those returning, but rather of permanence of persons in the country in general", said Union's director, Mirhunisa Zukic, underlining that entire families are leaving towns like Zvornik, Bijeljina, Brcko, Kalesija and Tuzla. Zukic said that Posavina - a canton along the border with Croatia, divided from the EU only by the river Sava - was particularly problematic. Not only the unemployed but also entire families with members already working in Bosnia are leaving. "The elderly who decide to leave are a few, but at the same time we are witnessing an exodus of young couples", Zukic concluded. (ANSA).

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