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Gentiloni, dialogue with Moscow, in the spirit of Helsinki

"We reassure Russia, Italy against Nato accession for Urkaine"

23 June, 15:46

(ANSA) - ROME - ''Russia plays a strategic role on the world stage, we cannot ignore this aspect, especially in areas in crisis, close to our borders. It is impossible to isolate Moscow and we have no interest in doing so. Instead, we are interested in a new dialogue, in the spirit of the Helsinki Conference and in accordance with the Minsk agreement''. This is what Italy's Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said at a meeting dedicated to the ''40th anniversary of the Helsinki Accord. Peace through Dialogue'', held this morning at Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome.

''It is obvious that today the 'security architecture' offered by the Helsinki Accord was put through the wringer over the last decade, starting from regional crises in areas under Soviet influence, until the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, followed by destabilizing activities carried out by separatists - said Gentiloni -. Looking to the principles established through the Helsinki Accords, we can say that Russia has violated more than one principle, starting with the inviolability of borders. We did not hesitate to approve the sanctions planned by the EU. Anyway, something did not work properly and the European responsibilities for this situation are huge. The crisis, however, was created by Russia's reaction.

We definitely need to reassure Moscow that Ukraine's accession to NATO is not a realistic option and Italy is opposed to this move''.

''First of all, we have to start having a dialogue. The first step is mediating and looking for shared solutions, in the spirit of the Helsinki Accords, that should be revived - foreingn minister reiterated -. Keeping an open dialogue with Russia is a matter of diplomatic wisdom, something essential for both us and them''. (ANSA).

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