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Climate change: Ee study, southern Italy at greater risk

Along with Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland

28 July, 17:56
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, JUL 28 - Southern Italy, along with Spain and Portugal to the west and Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland to the east is among the European areas which are most vulnerable to climate change, according to the 'Climate' research carried out by the EU Espon study program, specialized in regional analyzes.

In general, the researchers involved underlined that in European metropolitan regions, the impact of climate change will tend to be more challenging due to the high population density, infrastructure, and cultural heritage, and the fact that these areas are often located close to rivers or along the coasts.

Yet, their adaptability is generally more significant than that of non-metropolitan regions. Therefore, these territories are less vulnerable to climate change, with a few exceptions: cities located along the coasts, Alps, and southeastern Europe. (ANSA).

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