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Germany, mobility revolution may cause 48% job loss by 2040

Ministry of Economy, it will also affect repairs and services

19 June, 17:21
(ANSA) - ROMA, 19 GIU - The transformation of mobility could entail a real revolution in the automotive production system in Germany, causing a job loss of between 39 and 48% by 2040, according to 'Automobile Wertschoepfung 2030/2050', a study carried out before the pandemic by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Environment, in collaboration with IPE, IKA, FKA, and Roland Berger.

Along with factories - where a 10-24% drop in employment could be recorded within ten years, equal to about 640,000 jobs - assistance, after-sales and repairs could also suffer from the spread of electric and semi-autonomous models.

According to the study, the automotive services sector could drop from about 180,000 current employees to 130,000 by 2030, and 110,000 by 2040. In the most extreme scenario, with the widespread use of self-driving vehicles, jobs could amount to 90,000 by 20240, half of them today. The study authors identified three main reasons for job losses in trade and the aftermarket: lower repair needs and lower repair costs for electric cars, lower accident rates for self-driving vehicles, and fewer vehicles in circulation. (ANSA).

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