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Coronavirus: 392.000+ cases in New Europe,15.799 died

In Germany 185416, Belarus (51066), Balkans (48752)

12 June, 13:23
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, 12 GIU - A total of 392.553 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (+3206 day-on-day), of which 185416 in Germany only, were registered in countries in Central- and Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Greece, show official data of national authorities received by the World Health Organization (WHO) by 10:00, June 11. The growth of COVID-19 cases in the region continues to slow down in the region, with the exception in the past week of North Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus according to data updated as of June 8. Belarus is registering more confirmed cases of Covid-19 per million people than Italy. Montenegro did not register any new case in the past 36 days, according to the latest WHO data.

The total number of fatalities in the region is 15.779 (+113), out of which 8755 registered in Germany, 1360 in Romania, 1206 in Poland, 854 in Ukraine 673 in Austria, 551 in Hungary, 371 in Moldova, 330 in Czechia, , 288 in Belarus, 251 in Serbia.

Most of cases of COVID-19 in the area were registered in Germany (185416, +555 in the last 24 hours), followed by Belarus (51066, +801), Ukraine (29070, +689), Poland (27757, +197), Romania (20945, +196), Austria (16936, +34), Serbia (12031, +66), Moldova (10321, +296) and Czechia (9824, +73). In Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania) 48752 confirmed cases and 2391 deaths were registered as of June 11.

In Central- and Eastern Europe, Belarus has registered about 5380 cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants, compared to 3898 in Italy, followed by Moldova (3849) and Germany (2230), while the lowest rate was observed in Greece (285 per million) and Slovakia (281 per million), according to a count by ANSA based on WHO data. In the region, Moldova has registered the highest number of deaths per one million population in the region (138), followed by Germany (105), North Macedonia (79), Austria (76), and Romania (70), Slovakia the lowest (5). Italy has recorded around 564 deaths per million inhabitants.

Between June 1 and June 8, the highest weekly increase of confirmed cases was observed in North Macedonia (+36,0%), Moldova (+17,6%), Ukraine (+14,4%) and Belarus (+14,3%). In Czechia, Estonia, Serbia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Montenegro the weekly increase of new cases is between 5% and zero. (ANSA).

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