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CEI: 17 countries approved the 'Trieste Declaration'

Signed by foreign ministers. Moavero: 'innovative document'

12 June, 19:25
(by Cristiana Missori) (ANSA) - TRIESTE, JUNE 12 - Security, fight against corruption, sustainable development, stronger infrastructure and energy sector connections, but also more political cooperation between the 17 member countries through the establishment of a 'Local Dimension', aiming to strengthen all the ties between the territories. These are the key issues according to the Trieste Declaration which was signed today during the meeting of foreign ministers of the countries of the Central European Initiative (CEI). The document is divided into ten points and "aims to meet to the most important needs of the citizens of all the member countries", explained Italy's foreign minister and current president of the forum, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, who spoke of a "innovative document". In the declaration, all the members of the CEI, calls on the executive secretariat to develop even a "Youth Agenda", and reaffirm the importance of staying open to "new entries". Thirty years after its foundation, the Initiative "has proved to be a crucial element in the construction of a more stable, democratic and prosperous region thanks to the enhancement of mutual trust between member states", underlined Srdjan Darmanovic, Montenegro's foreign minister and future CEI president. With regard to the EU enlargement process to the Western Balkans, Darmanovic assured all his colleagues that his country is "moving forward and today we are the most advanced country in the reform process, so Montenegro will probably be the first country in the region to enter the European Union". The Montenegro-led presidency, he added, has the goal "to strengthen the ties between the 17 member states, promoting regional cooperation and giving new impetus so that all countries can make important progress both at a social and economic level" . (ANSA).

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