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Ukraine: Kiev denies access to Italian TV correspondent

About to follow presidential election. Unions: seriuos decision

25 March, 14:07
(ANSA) - MOSCOW, MAR 25 - The RAI correspondent in Moscow, Marc Innaro, was rejected at the border with Ukraine, along with his cameraman, while he was on his way to enter the country and follow the upcoming presidential elections. ''The Ukrainian government - the unions of journalists Fnsi and Usigrai underlined in a joint statement - prevented the Rai correspondent Marc Innaro from entering the country to follow the elections. This is a very serious decision. The government in Kiev has thus decided to put in the shade the elections and hinder the free exercise of the right to report''. According to ANSA, the authorities in Kiev have justified the decision because ''the journalist could not explain the purpose of his stay in Ukraine'', in accordance with the law on access to the border. The RAI crew, however, had already received confirmation from the presidential press office for an interview with president Petro Poroshenko. The journalist and his cameraman were stopped by the border guards and subsequently a plainclothes agent, probably from ''security services'', attended the interview.(ANSA).

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