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Serbia: Council of Europe, few steps in fighting corruption

None of the recommendations of 2015 has been implemented

15 March, 16:00
(ANSA) - STRASBOURG - Serbia has made very few steps forward in preventing and fighting against corruption of parliamentarians and judges and prosecutors not having implemented in a satisfactory manner any of the 13 recommendations it was given in 2015. The affirmation comes from Greco, the anti-corruption body of the Council of Europe, that in its latest report on the country says that "the overall very low level of compliance with the recommendations is globally unsatisfactory".

Greco says that Serbia has made "only limited progress towards achieving transparency of the activity of the National Assembly" and that more has to be done to introduce rules for members of parliament on how they interact with lobbyists and other third parties, "given the great risk of undue influence" that they could put on legislative processes.

As for judges and prosecutors Greco reaffirms the necessity to go ahead with the constitutional reform that has to introduce changes in the composition of the High Judicial Council and exclude the National Assembly from the process of recruitment of judges. Greco also asks the authorities to review of the system of appraisal of judges' performance and the criteria for the recruitment and promotion of prosecutors. (ANSA).

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