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Orban opens electoral campaign, 'Hungary first'

"We will protect ourselves from immigrants wanted by the EU".

19 February, 15:45
(ANSA) - BUDAPEST - ''Hungary first: we will defend our nation against those who act in the EU and the UN, fulfilling the Soros plan, that is the reception of millions of Muslim immigrants'', said Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban on Monday, following Trump 's slogan (America first), in his 20th speech on the State of the Nation, opening the election campaign of his party, Fidesz, for the April 8 general election. According to Orban, the politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris favour immigration, putting ''the European Christian civilization'' at risk ''much to the advantage of Islam''. The Western European countries are now invaded by migrants who ''will soon come knocking on our door not only from the South, but also from the West''. Orban predicted the arrival of 60 million African immigrants in the coming years and against this risk, a fence along the southern border of the country would be the only defence tool. ''It was a speech full of lies'', the opposition parties commented. ''Orban, in order to scare voters, speaks about non-existent dangers, instead of dealing with health and education, which went bankrupt, and the country's growing poverty'', said Gergely Karacsony, socialist leader.


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