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Alfano met Julian-Dalmatian exiles,'They keep memory alive'

And strengthen bilateral relations with Slovenia and Croatia

08 April, 16:30
(ANSA) - ROME - ''Federesuli is a set of associations of extraordinary importance because of the positive role they play both domestically and internationally, while spreading awareness of the tragedy Julian-Dalmatian exodus. At the same time, thanks to its constructive approach, the Federation remains a key factor in strengthening bilateral relations with Slovenia and Croatia ''. Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano has welcomed with these words in Rome a delegation of the Federation of Exiles from Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia headed by the chairman, Antonio Ballarin, the Foreign Ministry reported. ''I am convinced that the relations of the Julian-Dalmatian Associations with their native lands will also be strengthened in terms of economic growth and enhancement of a multicultural area, consistent with the common EU membership'', said Alfano, who also reassured president Ballarin that ''our Embassies in Ljubljana and Zagreb pay a lot of attention to the Exiles' interest''. The Foreign Minister has therefore welcomed the recent meeting at Palazzo Chigi of the Government-Exiles Coordination Committee and, with regard to the sums of money that Slovenia and Croatia owe to Italy according to the 1983 Agreement signed in Rome, he added that '' they should be aimed at supporting the Exiles' initiatives, including the establishment of a Foundation''.


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