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Over 1,400 exhumed from Slovenia mass grave

Victims executed without trial for collaborating with Nazis

07 March, 14:22
(ANSA) - TRIESTE - The remains of 1,420 victims have been exhumed in Slovenia from Huda Jama, a post-WWII communist mass execution site in an abandoned mine near Celje, the Slovenian state commission for covered-up mass grave said, adding that over 600 such sites have been found in Slovenia. The remains of 778 alleged Nazi collaborators from Huda Jama, which was discovered in march 2009, have been buried at the Dobrava memorial cemetery near Maribor. The bones of the remaining victims are expected to be buried at Dobrava too, after samplings for Dna analysis. The state commission does not know how many people were buried at Huda Jama, with estimates ranging around 2,500-5,000 bodies. Experts say most of the victims were Croats and Slovenes who had been executed for collaborating with the Nazis, often without trial. (ANSA).

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