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Slovakian Pm Fico, stop to referendum "adventures" in Europe

Anti-system parties want to leave EU

03 January, 13:21

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico encouraged other European leaders on Monday to stop calling referendums on domestic issues, Reuters said. Fico thinks that they represent a serious threat to Eu and euro. "I am asking Eu leaders to stop with adventures like the British and Italian referendums on domestic issues which pose a threat to the Eu," said Fico. The Slovak Pm added: "Italy has a huge impact on the banking sector, the euro. What will we do if there is a referendum in Italy on the euro and Italian citizens decide they don't want the euro?". Slovakia handed over the rotating six-month Eu presidency to Malta on January 1. In Slovakia the small far-right People's Party has started a petition to call a referendum on the country's membership of the Eu and of Nato, Reuters said. Uk has already approved Brexit and right-wing and "anti-system" parties in France, the Netherlands, Italy and elsewhere are demanding referendums on their membership of the Eu or the euro. (ANSA).

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