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Merkel downplayed the CDU decision on dual citizens

Conservatives voted to scrap back tougher rules

07 December, 19:09

(ANSA-AP) - BERLIN - Members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party voted Wednesday to scrap rules that allow the children of immigrants to be dual citizens, a move opposed by party leaders and rejected by its partners in government.

Merkel downplayed the decision. She told n-tv television "this was about a small group (of immigrants), and I don't think we should reverse" easing the rules.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, a Social Democrat and likely challenger to Merkel for the top job, said his party wouldn't agree to tougher rules. He said the vote shows that the CDU "doesn't agree with Mrs. Merkel's policies." Delegates later backed a motion, backed by CDU leaders, that among other things urges making it easier to detain people ahead of deportations.

Merkel's party leads in the polls, but would likely have to turn to one of two left-leaning rivals or a socially liberal pro-business party to form the next government. It says it won't ally with the nationalist Alternative for Germany, which has thrived in polls by attacking Merkel's migrant policies.


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