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Romania, 80,000 persons leave the country each year

Rbl: 2.5 million Romanians already work abroad

03 March, 18:48
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 03 MAR - Around 80 thousand Romanians leave the country each year to find work abroad, Agerpres agency reported citing the Romanian Business Leaders association (Rbl).

An estimated 2,5 billion Romanians already works abroad, a significant number considering that the national workforce amounts to 5 million individuals. Among those who decide to emigrate, 80% come from rural areas. "To resolve the problem of the exodus, we should resolve the problem of the Romanian village", Daniel Constantin, former agriculture minister, said during a Rbl union held on Thursday.

"We must educate specialists to work in the agriculture sector.

We have the financial resources for this. The more developed our countryside is, the less the people will leave their homes in search of better life abroad". he added. According to a recent study published by the Romanian National bank, if the current emigrants were to return and work in Romania within their professional field, the country's GDP would grow by 50 billion lei (12 bln euros). (ANSA).

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