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Orban-Szydlo, Schengen southern borders should be closed

Hungarian Premier wants special powers in the event of attack

08 February, 20:17
(ANSA) - BUDAPEST - Southern borders of the Schengen area should be closed and solutions to the migrants crisis should be found outside the EU. This position was agreed today in Budapest between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Poland's PM Beata Szydlo. ''We have to stop mass immigration, and if the EU leaders are not able to do this, the crisis will go on and worsen'', Orban said. The Hungarian prime minister fears the threat of terrorism and wants the government to be provided with exceptional powers, in order to be able to deal with it. He spoke in his weekly interview with the public radio.

In the event of receiving information about the risk of terror attacks, the government could declare a state of emergency and curfew, decide to shut down the internet, issue bans on broadcasting and publications, and carry out house searches and even arrests without warrant. (ANSA).

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