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Migrants: ZDF, Arabic subtitles for Merkel's New Year speech

Pre-recorded, on smartphones tomorrow, even in English

30 December, 16:15
(ANSA) - BERLIN - For the first time in the history of Germany, the New Year speech of a chancellor, i.e. Angela Merkel, will be available with Arabic subtitles - and in English - tomorrow on smartphones, thanks to a special ''mobile'' version designed for migrants. The speech will be available at 7.15pm, immediately after the telecast scheduled for 7pm. This is one among the services that Germany's public television network ZDF makes available to migrants, through the ''mobile'' service on smartphones ''ZDF Arabic/ZDF English''. President Joachim Gauck's Christmas speech is already available with Arabic and English subtitles, the two most widely spoken languages among the migrants who arrived in Germany this year. From January 4, Arabic and English subtitles even for the 5pm edition of the newscast. The service with subtitles begun on December 7 and currently offers short news for children and some selections from other formats. According to ZDF, it should offer guidance and information to migrants about politics, current events, history and German culture. (ANSA).

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