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Tourism major employer of women in EU, especially in Latvia

In Bulgaria, Greece and Italy high share of temporary workers

14 December, 15:39

(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, DEC 14 - Tourism is a major employer of women in the EU, especially in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

While in the 28 Member States women represented in 2014 just over a third (36%) of persons employed in the non-financial business economy, core tourism activities employed predominantly female workers (58%), almost 6 out of ten persons.

Women accounted for at least two-thirds of employment in tourism in Latvia (72%, compared with 42% in the non-financial business economy), Lithuania (68% vs.43%), Poland (67% vs. 36%), Slovakia (67% vs.36%) and Estonia (66% vs. 40%).

In the EU, the proportion of temporary jobs is significantly higher in core tourism activities (21%) than in the non-financial business economy (14%) and this situation is found in every EU Member State for which data are available.

In Bulgaria (21% vs. 5%), Greece (40% vs. 12%), Italy (38% vs. 14%), Cyprus (44% vs. 11%) and Austria (22% against 8%), the share of temporary workers is even around three to four times higher in core tourism activities. (ANSA)

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