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EU: Greece risks fines over poor waste water treatment

Gulf of Elefsina, problem not addressed after 11 years

19 November, 16:40
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS - Greece risks to pay a big fine because the poor waste water treatment in the Gulf of Elefsina has not been addressed. Eleven years after a sentence of the the EU Court of Justice, the EU Commission is asking the same Court to impose a lump sum from the date of the first judgment until the Member State has rectified the infringement or in the absence of compliance until the date of the second judgment, based on a daily amount multiplied by the number of days the infringement persists, leading, up to now, to a sum of 15,943,620 euros. The EU Commission is also proposing a daily fine of 34,974 euros, which would be paid from the date of the EU Court ruling until Greece fully complies with EU law. The lack of adequate treatment systems in the area of Thriasio Pedio poses risks to human health, to inland waters and the marine environment. These penalties, proposed by the EU Commission under the Lisbon Treaty, take into account the seriousness of the infringement, its duration, and the deterrent effect reflecting the ability to pay of the Member State. The final decision on the penalties rests with the Court. Despite some progress, only 28% of the urban waste water is collected and treated before being discharged into the Gulf of Elefsina. (ANSA).

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