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Ukraine: Moscow, proposal to manage debt

Gazprom, pre-paid gas enough just for 4 days

16 November, 12:00
(ANSA) - MOSCOW - Moscow hopes to reach a compromise on the Ukrainian debt, amounting to 3 billion dollars, and has offered a proposal to resolve the dispute, according to Russian Finance Minister Antono Siluanov, who spoke on the sidelines of the G20 summit. ''Russia has made an offer on the procedure for debt payment. This proposal will be interesting and will prepare the ground to resolve this issue'', he said, reiterating that debt restructuring, according to conditions set by commercial creditors remains ''unacceptable''. Meanwhile, pre-paid gas from Kiev will be enough just for four days, according to Gazprom's CEO, Alexiei Miller, who added that he has no information on new payments.(ANSA).

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