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Migrants:Merkel rejects 'cap',barriers do not solve problems

Replying to CSU's criticism and SPD's requests

05 October, 16:56
(ANSA) - BERLIN - ''Building barriers will not solve the problem''. Angela Merkel does not change her policy on emergency and refugees, and in an interview with Deutschlandfunk, released yesterday and relaunched today on many German newspapers, disappointed the expectations of those who, in the Grand Coalition, asked her to put a cap on migrant reception. ''Those who believe that there are faster solutions are spreading illusions, she replied. Germany must accept and deal with this big issue that arises from the flow of migrants. ''We will make it, even though it will take us time'', she added. According to German chancellor, the Union will be able to stop arrivals only if the EU's external borders will be safe, if there is an agreement with Turkey, and if life conditions will improve in the migrans' home countries.

Answering a question on the opening of borders decided in September, in the midst of the Hungarian crisis, Merkel said: ''I would do it again''. And she concluded, ''looking away and complaining, this is not the way we behave''. The CSU's leader Horst Seehofer - who has been accusing for days Merkel of having committed a big mistake on that occasion -, over the weekend asked the chancellor once more to give a clear signal that Germany is ''exhausted'' in terms of ''hospitality''. Even some members of the SPD had urged the chancellor to take a position in favour of a ''cap'' on migrants. (ANSA).

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